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Brother Down LLC Las Vegas Give away Rules and guidelines.


Brother Down LLC is doing a drawing for a trip to Las Vegas. All information regarding the drawing is listed below. If you have further questions regarding the drawing after reading through this document, please contact Brother Down directly at


  1. Entries for the Las Vegas give away will be sold through Bracelet sales for $25.00 each. You can purchase your Bracelet at .com or in person at one of the Brother Down events. (to find upcoming events go to the events page on Facebook… Brother Down Gear)
  2. The drawing will be held at the Brother Down LLC annual fundraising event in mid May 2018. (to find out exact time and dates, watch the events page on Facebook at Brother Down Gear) More information on this event will be coming shortly.
  3. The prize will be given to you in the form of gift cards. You will receive $400.00 for airfare through Southwest Airlines and $300.00 for hotel stay at the Golden Nugget on Freemont Street in Las Vegas Nevada.
  4. If you win the trip, there are no certain dates that you must use your trips. You get to choose when you want to go and will be responsible for booking your own trip.
  5. Brother Down LLC is not responsible for any charges over the amount of the gift cards given to you. If you choose to upgrade a room ect, you will be responsible for those charges. Furthermore, Brother Down LLC is not responsible for any deposits that you must give or any damage done to rooms ect, we are also not responsible for Car rentals, transportation or any other expenses you acquire while in Las Vegas.
  6. Chances of winning this prize depend on the amount of Bracelets sold for this event. You may choose to buy more than one Bracelet to increase your odds.
  7. The value of this prize is $700.00.
  8. All money raised through this event will be used to help families who are dealing with tragedy. For more information about Brother Down LLC or to keep track of our upcoming Events, go to or like us on Facebook at Brother Down Gear.
  9. We will announce the winner of the trip on our Facebook Page the day of the Drawing. If winning person is not at the annual fundraiser, then we will contact them directly.

Good Luck to everyone! This is a great chance to support a great cause and win a great trip!!

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